Tuesday, 29 December 2015


For this Blog I thought I would recap the 5 most popular Blogs I have published so far and it is interesting to note that they are all related to early #orthodontic treatment. Although some of these involve the same topic I will rank them in order of the most viewed individual Blogs. Note the text in a different colour is a link to the original Blog or document so just click on it if you wish to know more.

1) The most read and searched Blog and also one of the more recent was 'Maxillary Expansion - Unexpected Benefits?' in September this year. This Blog has interest for readers who are clinicians as well as the general public discussing #expansion and its possible effect upon bed-wetting, sleep #apnea and middle ear problems. Expansion is a common procedure in orthodontics but there is limited quality research on these specific areas. It is also an emerging topic with a lot of mis-information accessible on search-engines and deserves more well-designed research in the future.

2) On a similarly related topic was this Blog back in January 2015 titled 'Do Orthodontic Extractions Cause Sleep Apnea?'. Again it is a controversial and emerging subject with a lot of mis-information which is easy to disseminate when there is minimal research. I am glad these two topics have received such an enthusiastic response.

3 - 5) The next three topics all related to #Myofunctional appliances. In order these Blogs were 'More on Myofunctionals - 2 Clinical Trials' followed by the first of the Blogs on this topic, 'Myofunctional Appliances - What's the Evidence?'. The third and most recent of the Blogs on this topic was also the most recent Blog prior to this and reported the 'Results of a RCT of a Prefabricated Functional Appliance'. This is an area dominated on search engines by companies and clinicians extolling the virtues of these appliances and treatment approach. The higher levels of evidence come from clinical trials which are discussed in these Blogs and although these trials are not ideal they currently are the best level of evidence we have and come to a similar conclusion. Although they find statistical differences, these differences were quite small and indicated that these appliances were less effective than more conventional treatments for bite correction. Despite being in an evidence-based era where we would like to see well-conducted clinical trials upon which to base our treatments, there is limited quality research and both clinicians and the general public need to be wary of the claims being made until well designed research is available.

I would like to thank you the reader for your interest as my goal throughout is to provide quality information for clinicians and the general public on the more controversial topics in orthodontics. I would also like to point out that I have no financial interest in any appliance or technique I discuss in these Blogs so when gathering information, consider whether the source of information is potentially biased and associated with that particular appliance or technique.

Remember any of the Blogs can be found at
 http://newwaveorthodontics.blogspot.com.au/ and scrolling down and older ones can be accessed at the bottom of the page by clicking 'older posts'. Wishing all a happy, safe & prosperous 2016.

Dr Peter Miles is the orthodontist at Newwave Orthodontics in Caloundra, Australia and teaches orthodontics part-time at the University of Queensland and is a visiting lecturer at Seton Hill University in the USA. Peter is one of the editors and authors of the orthodontic textbook, 'Evidence-Based Clinical Orthodontics'.